Dr. Frank Hagenow - Führen ohne Psyochotricks, Mit Ethik und Anstand Menschen gewinnen.
Mind Games
Win over people
with ethics and decency.

Confident Leadership without Mind Games

Every day, you lead many people, often covering several hierarchical levels. Your goal is to do that in a way that satisfies you as well as your company.


To achieve that, it is necessary to motivate yourself and others, solve your own and your co-workers’ conflicts and stay on track regarding your professional knowledge. A tough task!

With Which Leadership Style Are You Up to This Challenge?

A leadership style that best balances your wishes and skills with the company’s current situation.

A leadership style that …

  • … creates clarity,
  • ... shows competence and sound judgement,
  • ... treats employees respectfully,
  • ... takes place on eye-level,
  • ... forgoes short-term advantages in favour of long-term success,
  • ... establishes trust and stable contacts
  • ... does not need mind games at all!


So, What Are Mind Games?

You encounter them in negotiations as open or covert attempts to manipulate you. They are strategic feints which are applied to bamboozle you, send you packing, rip you off or trick you.

The term “Mind Games” includes all attempts to gain advantages by open or disguised manipulation.

How Do You Recognise Mind Games?

First of all, by being aware.

Frank Hagenow helps you…

  • ... to get to know your personal pitfalls and patterns
  • ... to better understand the risks and side effects of your personal leadership style. 
  • ... to get a glimpse into the “dark side of the force”. You will learn how interpersonal phenomena and dynamics work.


How Do You Avoid Playing Mind Games Yourself?

By adding highly effective tools to your authentic leadership skillset.

Frank Hagenow provides you with methods with which …

  • ... you will lead effectively and based on values,
  • ... you will improve your conversational and leading skills
  • ... you will stay confident in conflict situations.

You will learn about the different ways of encountering mind games; the meaning and effect mind games have; and how to neutralize them with the appropriate solution.

What customers say
  • "Many thanks for the fantastic keynote speech. It was really great – I liked it a lot!"

    Thomas Schnehagen,
    Vertriebsmanager Deutschland Profile Dynamics Deutschland GmbH
  • "Successful communication is a deciding competitive factor for our members. Dr. H. provided us with important and practicable impulses."

    Sabine Darjus, Vorsitzende Fahrlehrerverband Hamburg e. V.
  • "Many thanks for the lively, humorous, and interesting speech. Our guests and we ourselves were very pleased with your speech. It was very accomplished. We will gladly approach you again."

    Uwe Thillmann, Abteilungsleiter, Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV)
  • "Our staff received in Dr. Hs events many helpful tips for an effective interaction with their clients"

    Beatrix Mund, Betriebsleiterin, Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH
  • "Dear Dr. H. Without you, the lecture could not have taken place in this extent and thematic richness."

    Prof. Dr. Anja Laue, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  • "Great speech! Dynamic, diverse and exciting."

    Rückmeldung einer Teilnehmerin, Bayerische Verwaltungsschule, München
  • "With his lively and humorous keynote speech, Dr. H. opened up a lot of new prospects"

    Mag. Cathrin Dorner, CEO Design & Ordnung, Linz, Austria
  • "Many thanks for the great keynote speech full of funny ideas!"

    Heike Hoch – Applaus. Das Institut für wertschätzende Kommunikation
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